Thursday, May 15, 2014

Zombie Palm

Zombia antillarum, commonly known as the "zombie palm", was originally native to Haiti and the Dominican Republic but is catching on in Florida. Its name is related to the Haitian zombie concept but linguists and ethnographers aren't fully certain how. According to Wikipedia, researchers Fabienne Boncy Taylor and Joel C. Timyan studied the zombie connection to Zombia antillarum and found:

Oil extracted from the seeds has been described as a "sense-activator" by one ethnographic source and can be used to "awaken" a zombie, and that a dwelling with thatch made from the leaves of the plant could prevent zombies from being used to spy on its occupants.

Charles Reynolds, a Winter Haven horticulturist, says in the Lakeland Ledger, October 18, 2002, that "Zombie palms are said to hold near-sacred status with some individuals" and states that the sharp wooden spines of the tree are often used for voodoo dolls.

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