Friday, May 2, 2014

Fat Guys With Beards Are Everywhere

A good graffiti meme these days apparently consists of confounding the viewer with its randomity and relative meaninglessness. Look no further than Saxapahaw Sam and Gulf's work for examples, and now this, seen in two locations in St. Petersburg, many blocks apart from one another.

"Fat Guys With Beards Are Everywhere". Okay.

I stuck my beak in the search engines for a moment and all I saw was that similar stickers with that same catchphrase are being offered on Cafepress by some company that makes lame stickers, buttons, and t-shirts of the "being obnoxious, snarky and random is what passes for humor these days" school.

So are they mocking fat guys with beards, or expressing solidarity with them? Honestly, I don't even think they're doing either; that would imply too much logical thought process, which is a quickly vanishing commodity in this zombie nation.

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