Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Butler's Old Key West Bar & Grill

There's a sort-of rule, somewhat akin to my Oceanic proximity axiom, that joints that describe themselves as being like Key West, invariably aren't. Butler's Old Key West Bar & Grill is an exception to that rule, I'm happy to say. They get the mix of tacky and tasteful just right, and the lovely lady who waited on our party was pleasantly languid but not lackadaisical.

They were out of provolone cheese, and so had to resort to cheddar for the Philly Cheesesteak, but you know what, I didn't mind a bit. I'm still thinkin' purty li'l thoughts about that sandwich.

The drinks, at least as made by this particular waitress/bartender (it was midday and she seemed to be running the entire place singlehandedly!) were excellent. Seen here are the Mai Tai and the Seafoam.

That's it. It's in St. Petersburg. What else you want? Go!

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