Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eleanor Island

I've wondered what that big island is at John's Pass, facing you in the near distance as you stand on the boardwalk looking across to Treasure Island. Welp, I googled it and the answer is: Eleanor Island. It's a nature preserve and bird sanctuary, but there are some extreme shallows on one side of it where you can stand without actually walking up onto the island proper. Apparently no one minds this, because I keep seeing people doing it.

I also found out that according to some, the island is haunted. Having said that, they don't exactly spin a compelling tale:

There is a story about this mangrove island about two local men who found some human remains here around the middle of the 19th century. Thinking it might be part of an Indian burial mound, they dug around looking for hidden treasures. Alas for them, all they found were broken pottery shards and more bones.

Ever since that day some locals believe the desecration of that burial ground has caused strange green lights to appear all around the island at dark.

Yeah, okay, come back when you have some more sources for this one, kids.

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