Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ted Peters Smoked Fish

Ted Peters Smoked Fish in Pasadena often looks closed, but it's not - this semi-outdoor picnicky stand has metal doors that they pull down from time to time and shield customers from wind, rain and sun. If you drive by and it looks closed, pull over anyway - chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Jump in anywhere, it's all good. I've tried the mullet, the mackerel, the salmon, the smoked fish spread, all tasty. The house beer has the great misfortune of being Miller High Life (I suppose it could be worse, it could be Coors) and the place has a peculiar policy - mandated by their insurance agency, so a posted sign claims - that you must order food if you are consuming an alcoholic beverage. I guess they want to discourage the drunks, but hell, ain't nobody gonna get drunk on Miller High Life anyway unless they sit there all night and drink a case of the stuff.

Like Mazarro's Market, there are actually two buildings in the Ted Peters complex. The smaller shack on the right is the actual smokehouse where Ted's delectables get prepared, and also there's a handy ATM in here. (The restaurant is cash-only.)

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