Friday, May 2, 2014


Another grand entry in the neverending investigation of Florida ice cream: Tropiccool in St. Pete. Like L-Loco and Hyppo, they offer gourmet popsicles in an assortment of wacky flavors. (Seen here is "Coffee Cognac".)

I also have tried their coconut gelato, which is killer diller. They have fancy iced coffees too, but they don't open early enough for me. I likes my coffee before dawn, which makes Starbucks the only option for a worm-acquiring early-bird like me. Well, that and my Nespresso machine.

Their official Tropiccoolmobile, which cruises around dispensing good things to little eaters all around the area, is a modified Jeep that has, for reasons opaque to me, extra "E"s in it.

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