Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Casa di Mazzaro

So, y'know the other day when I was ranting about how mind-boggling Mazarro's Italian Market is? It just doubled down. I found out that there's actually two buildings to the Mazzaro's complex, and I'd only visited one of them.

The second building, known as "Casa di Mazzaro", focuses on cookware, kitchen items, and assorted odd foodie bits that didn't fit into the main market, like cocktail mixes, an extensive line of teas, and still more candy. If I wasn't living like a business-class gypsy these days, not knowing when I'll have to ship out to a new Florida city, I'd start hoarding some of these fine items they have, like authentic imported Italian pasta makers.

The decor here is every bit as wacky as the main building, with random statuary everywhere and this lovely art car.

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