Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Third Breast Hoax

Recently I mused here about why on Earth someone would want to have a poorly-done fake third breast permanently surgically attached to their body for such sketchy reasons as "I hope a get a reality show out of it" and "I wanted to make myself unattractive to men." Well, it seems she didn't.

The newsmedia is now reporting a number of problems with her story. WTSP-TV found it odd that in an interview with them, she refused to let the camera have a prolonged look at that very thing she was being interviewed about. She stated that she wanted to save it for this theoretical reality show. But when WTSP did some checking, as journalists are wont to do, they realized that Alisha Hessler (aka "Jasmine Tridevil") had filed a missing-luggage report at Tampa International Airport, listing "three breast prostheses" as the bag's contents.

Though I am no fan of attention-seeking internet hoaxers, I do hope Hessler gets the TV show she dreams of and wish her well.

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