Friday, September 26, 2014

The Discovery of Phosphate

Sure, there's Disney and there's Legoland, but here's a tourist attraction more my speed: a historical marker commemorating the discovery of phosphate.

It's true! Phosphate was discovered right here in Florida. In a place called Dunnellon. By a guy named Albertus Vogt. Next time that comes up in Trivial Pursuit, by God, you'll be ready.

Dunnellon is not, however, the "Phosphate Center of the World". That title goes to another Florida place called Mulberry, about three hours south of Dunnellon. Why? I'm not sure; mostly because they said so and I had no cause to doubt them.

The sign is, rather annoyingly, placed not at the actual site where Vogt exclaimed, "EUREKA!!" (or "hey, check this out" or whatever one says when one discovers phosphate) but a little further away... well, okay, actually a whole freakin' block away. But let's just be happy the event has a sign at all.

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