Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bigfoot's Arm

Cryptozoologists are abuzz about the find of a large non-human arm in the wilderness of Liberty County, near Tallahassee. It's being sent to a lab for study, in hopes that it might prove once and for all the existence of Bigfoot. (Or, as we call him around here, the "Skunk Ape".)

I have to say there is every possibility this will turn out to be a large monkey's arm. Though the Skunk Ape hunters who found the specimen say "there are no bears or monkeys in this area", there's simply no way to state that with certainty. As readers of this blog are aware, monkeys have been escaping and reproducing like mad all over the state for decades now, and they don't always follow predictable patterns of territory - as we've seen with Cornelius the macaque in St. Petersburg.

But I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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