Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Beer-Flavored Latte

Stop the presses, here's some really big news: Starbucks is experimenting with a beer-flavored latte, and is about to roll this frightening new product out in a trial launch in select Florida locations. Which ones? That has yet to be disclosed. But you can rest assured, dear reader, when the dossier hits my desk, I'll be queueing up at whatever store is selling 'em so I can file a report.

Reportedly, the lattes will be made with, sadly, a non-alcoholic formula (then again, I am not really a fan of mixing caffeine and alcohol - I leave that to the Jagerbomb-sipping zombies among us.) Those who have had advance samples of the product say it does taste remarkably like a Guinness-style stout beer.

Though my Starbucks preference is their iced coffee (year round, even when I lived in Kentucky) I could be convinced to branch out a little more if I find the "Dark Barrel Latte" to be a keeper.

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