Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Everglades Pizza

I'm boring as hell when it comes to pizza; pepperoni's good enough for me. If I'm feeling frisky, maybe Canadian bacon. But I admit I am tempted to head down to Evan's Neighborhood Pizza in Ft. Myers and score me one of their "Everglades Pizzas" that contain frog, alligator, swamp cabbage, and python.

According to WPXI:

Daniell estimates he has sold about 150 of the pizzas the last two years. That's not too bad considering the price, a medium 14-inch Everglades pie goes for $45. That's because python meat can cost about $66 per pound. Daniell reportedly has considered creating a "roadkill" pizza, which would include raccoon, armadillo and possum but has had trouble finding a supplier for the specialty meats.

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