Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Help People Who Need Help"

So there I was, strolling around the San Marco district of Jacksonville enjoying a Tatuaje 10th Anniversary Miami Special cigar (and thanks to the awesome power of Twitter, I can look back and discern that the exact day was September 22, 2013, because the file clerk in my head tends to vividly recall things in terms of what cigars I enjoyed that day, thanks to the even awesomer power of para-mnemonic synapse-twinning whole-track flashbulb-memory.)

Anyway. I saw this crudely-crayonned sign taped to a telephone pole, but taped to the very bottom of the pole as if a child had put it there. But the sign was clearly made by an adult, though trying to ape that childlike style that adults so often attempt but almost always ends in a boatload of fail. But there it is, your honor.

Oh yeah, and there's a playing card with a photo of a cat sleeping in a hammock.

What does it mean?

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