Sunday, January 5, 2014

Crab & Fin

Many of my favorite Florida eateries just happen to be on my favorite island St. Armand's Key. Therefore, it was only by a rare juxtaposition of fate that I even tried a new place, but all my usual spots were packed with long lines waiting. (Hey, how many times do I have to be a frequent eater and big tipper at Columbia Restaurant before they start giving me VIP treatment anyway?) A date and I swanned into Crab & Fin, right across the street from my tobacconist Bennington's (okay, okay, they're all my tobacconist). I was lured over by the strains of hip piano jazz being be-bopped live on the patio, and though I came for the show tunes, I stayed for the steak.

As you probably are sick of hearing about by now, I'm always on the quest for the perfect Mai Tai - and Crab & Fin are in the running for my Top Five charts. Tell 'em I sent you by!

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