Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Miami Minister on UFOs in 1951

From the Palm Beach Daily News, March 20, 1951, we find a squib about Rev. Sidney Davis, a minister in Miami who gave a lecture at the Biltmore Hotel about flying saucers. The gist of it is, there are many UFOs that have crashed on Earth, and that alien technology and dead alien corpses have been recovered in secret by government scientists. Heck, sounds like my kinda preacher; sure beats the usual dry and abstract "on the charity of Dorcas" routines.

Sadly, my efforts to learn more about Rev. Davis haven't been successful. A Google search of his name/his church/Miami brings up that newspaper article and nothing else.

(Note to the poor unfortunate NSA agents who drew the short straw and got stuck with the job of monitoring me and reading everything I write: do a hillbilly a favor and pull up your files on Rev. Davis for me, okay? That would be most appreciated. Besides, you kinda owe me since you've downloaded all my books without paying.)

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