Friday, January 31, 2014

Coon Key

Amongst the exciting islands off the coast of Sarasota - such as Bird Key, Island Park, Siesta Key, Bay Island, Longboat Key, City Island, Otter Key, St. Armand's Key and Lido Key - you'll find Coon Key, a spot so small on the causeway you'll miss it if you blink. Most crossing the bridge over from Bird Key think they're actually on St. Armand's at this point, but sometimes it takes an aerial view to get perspective.

There's not a whole lot going on around this island, unless you have a yacht and I presently don't. There's a couple of deluxe resorts and a private harbour for the yacht club, and that's it. But I never met an island I didn't like, and I enjoy loitering around here and gawking at the seabirds and ships.

Confusingly, there's another Coon Key in Florida. The other one's off the coast of Bayport, FL. Can we just have one island per island name? Please? (There are also a screaming blue gazillion Florida islands called "Bird Key", much to my consternation.)

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