Friday, July 12, 2013


Gas Full Service Restaurant, locally known simply as "Gas", is currently my favorite eat-house on the enchanting Anastasia Island. It's located at 9 Anastasia Boulevard, just before you run out of island and go over the Bridge of Lions to St. Augustine's Colonial Quarter.

They've got a super-deep craft beer selection (I think this is the first time I've ever had Green Flash West Coast IPA in a restaurant) and their menu is filled with unique goodies like the espresso-rubbed steak (pictured below) and strawberry-datil pepper ice cream (they do love their datils down here!) It's located on the premises of a former gas station, hence the name, and they run with it by using a fun retro gas-station decor scheme. Get there early as you can because it's a small place and there's often a line, but it's worth the wait, Jack.

A lot of people like to swan into a joint and then swan right back out again; when I go into a place I'm there for the long haul, and I can think no better place on Anastasia Island than Gas to set up camp and hold court.

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