Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hotel Marion

Each time I'm in Ocala, I always wonder what used to be in this big imposing gray building with a sign bearing the city's name. I just now decided to surf around the interwebs and see what I could see.

As it turns out, this used to be the Hotel Marion (or Marion Hotel - they seem to have waffled back and forth on the nomenclature themselves) which, though it was no Pink Palace, looks to have been a humdinger as far as antiquated commercial lodging facilities go. It opened in March 1927.

Then came the Ocala National Bank, which occupied the building for some years before it failed on January 30, 2009. The word "Ocala" at the top of the building is a remaining vestige of the bank's sign.

So what, if anything, is in there now? Not sure, but I'll be filing a report soon live from the streets of Ocala. Wait for it.

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