Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Green Key

Just off the shore of New Port Richey, connected by a small road, you'll find Green Key, a heavily wooded little piece of paradise that mostly falls off the radar of tourists, save those in the know. (All the more surprising, since it's only public beach in the New Port Richey area.)

There's not much here, but that's precisely what makes Green Key so appealing to me. There's a long boardwalk that takes you over the dense mangrove swamp and leads you to a two-story observation deck. There's a playground. There's canoeing and kayaking. The island is treated like a park (and it is a park - the Robert K. Rees Memorial Park, to be exact) rather than a resort, so there are no hotels, no restaurants, unfortunately no alcohol allowed, and it closes at dusk.

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