Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cigar Disappointment

Much as I love trying a variety of cigars, and despite being like a kid in a candy store here in Florida (the cigar capital of the nation), I keep having bad luck lately with my selections. Not only with unfamiliar random stabs into the humidor, but with some sticks that I used to like but no longer tolerate.

I don't believe it to be the fault of the cigarmakers; rather, it's me who's changed. My tastes have apparently honed in more and more on the aspects of these sticks that please me, and the passage of time has rendered me increasingly impatient with those "nothing much to say about, just a good solid smoke" kind of cigars. Life's too short to smoke a cigar you aren't 110% completely in love with.

So, I find myself experimenting less these days, and sticking to my short list of tried-and-true favorites. For whatever reason, these sticks just flip the correct set of switches in my brain right now. Because you asked, they are, to wit:

Casa Magna D. Magnus II Limitada
Rocky Patel Royale
(the old version, not the new)
Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary
Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve
Nish Patel XEN
Nish Patel Bold
Julius Caeser
Project 805 Andullo
Drew Estate Liga Privada
Drew Estate Undercrown
Drew Estate MUWAT Baitfish
Drew Estate Papas Fritas
Drew Estate Natural (Jucy Lucy, Root, Dirt)
Alec Bradley Nica Puro
Alec Bradley Black Market
Alec Bradley Prensado
Sons of Anarchy
Nat Sherman Timeless Collection
Kristoff Galerones Sentido
Esteban Carreras 12 Anos
Torano Exodus 1959
San Lotano Oval
A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada Capa Maduro
Gurkha Ninja
Trinidad Paradox
Illuminati Shield
Herrera Esteli

There are plenty of other cigars I love, of course, but these are the ones that I've been focusing on lately based on local availability. If I could find, say, Drew Estate Feral Flying Pig or Regius around these parts, I'd be all over it. Also, I seem to have developed a fixation with box-press sticks, and the superior draw I find they bring me is my number one consideration these days.

But I think the day is coming when this cocktail desperado is going to settle down to one fixed location in a few months, and stop constantly tear-assing around the Sunshine State looking for the sausage. Then, I will once again have my very own humidor room at home and no longer rely on the randomity of what's carried by local tobacconists. I hope the brick-and-mortar cigar stores have appreciated my nonstop business, but I'm feeling the need to stretch out. I'm feeling the craving to once more utilize the power of mailorder and the awesomeness of the Internet, and to keep my mancave stocked with all my favorite smokable snacks. When that day comes, join me in my wine cellar for a drink and a puff, won't you?

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