Friday, August 8, 2014

Gordan the Goat Found!

Last month, I was puzzled by a van spotted in Gulfport that had "PLEASE RETURN GORDAN THE GOAT!!" spray-painted all over it with a phone number to call. Well, I've been reading The Gabber, our esteemed local paper, and the mystery has been solved. An article by Cathy Salustri relates how Gulfportian Eric Finkler has a pet goat - nay, more than a mere pet - a best friend and life companion. "I love him so much," says Finkler in the piece, "and he's with me all the time."

On July 25, Finkler came back from a short motorcycle ride over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge to find that someone had kidnapped his goat. That's why Finkler spray-painted the message on his van, and drove it around the area to spread the word.

Gordan apparently went on some strange adventure, but he isn't talking. All we know is that he showed up unexpectedly several miles away in Riptides bar at Blind Pass. The baffled bartender took him in, and brought to him a relative's home for safekeeping. Fortunately, Finkler's van gambit worked - the relative called the number on the van, and man and goat were reunited happily.

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