Friday, March 21, 2014

Robinson's Pecan House

As an enthusiast of primitive roadside vendor signs, I just had to do a u-turn and pull over when I saw Robinson's Pecan House leaving Tallahassee yesterday (in a small community called Lamont, or Capps, or Monticello, depending on which map you consult).

You might not think they'd get many customers out here, but clearly those in the know come from all around to seek out Mr. Robinson's wares - there were four customers already here when I arrived and three more (from Quebec) showed up while I was shopping. Pecans are apparently his forte, but Mr. Robinson also has candy, oranges, grapefruit, sugar cane syrup, peanut brittle, Tupelo honey, hot boiled peanuts, onions, smoked sausage, and six kinds of what-have-you.

This snack stand was founded by Willie Robinson many decades ago until his passing, and now his brother Arthur keeps it going. And I'm glad I stopped in - I ended up buying a bag of chocolate-amaretto soft shell pecans that are out of this world. Now I want to go back and get me some of his Mayhaw jelly.

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