Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reclaimed Water

One of the things about life in Flo-land that still sticks in my craw - like, literally - is its penchant for abundant usage of reclaimed water. If you don't know what that is, you will the moment you smell it. It smells like sewage.

Why? Because it is sewage. Sewage that has allegedly had all the filth removed so that only the "reclaimed" water magically remains behind. But any simpleton with the cognitive function of a doorknob knows this can't be true, because duh, it still smells like freakin' sewage. Scientists and mayors and city councilmen all assure us that there's no possible health danger from it.

As we all know, anyone is free to type whatever gibberish they like into Wikipedia, including those aforementioned simpletons and those aforementioned city councilmen. So it doesn't really surprise me that parts of the Wikipedia article about the subject read like they've been cut and pasted directly from shill central:

Reclaimed water is highly engineered for safety and reliability so that the quality of reclaimed water is more predictable than many existing surface and groundwater sources. Reclaimed water is considered safe when appropriately used.

And if having human sewage (which contains far worse things in it than mere poop) isn't bad enough, there's a groundswell of concern nowadays about the cumulative effect of pharmaceuticals that end up passing through the human digestive system as waste and having a cumulative effect in our drinking water, groundwater, etc. Lakes and rivers have tested positive for wacked-out Big Pharma drugs like Prozac, and the problem is only growing worse with each passing flush of the commode. Most municipal wastewater filter systems aren't equipped to remove them.

If you don't own a water purifier, may I recommend one?

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