Monday, March 24, 2014

Masked Screwball Parade

I don't know what this "Masked Screwball Parade" hyped in this ad (seen in the Miami Herald, I forget the date but it's the 1960s) is all about, but it sure sounds damned interesting, doesn't it? And I like how the clip-art woman's head seems to interject itself from above, like a Goddess looking down on her creations.

A quick glance at the Googles brings me no closer to solving the mystery. Absolutely nothing, zippo, goose egg, comes up in a search for the phrase (except now, of course, my blog will be the phrase's sole query response) and neither could I glean anything about Miami's mysterious Rainbow Inn. Nor its former incarnation, the Rainbow Club.

Some secrets, it seems, should remain secret.

I did determine that the former location of all this wackiness is now Bill Seidle's Suzuki Miami dealership. I wonder if there remains any evidence of the Rainbow Club or its doings, hidden in some crawlspace under the floorboards, waiting, like a larva in a cocoon, to see the light of day?

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