Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Smoke City Dinosaur

Today while making my ramblin' rounds up and down Beach Boulevard, I stopped into Smoke City, one of the area's cigar sources I hadn't checked out yet. (And in case you care, the place was great - although their cigar selection was small compared to their layout of glass pipes, hookah materials, and god-awful bric-a-brac like E-cigarettes, I was quite pleased with their offerings. Not to mention the smiling barefoot hippie girl who waited on me.)

There was a big orange dinosaur with electric glowing eyes standing out front, so I chatted him up and made small talk, as I am wont to do with big orange dinosaurs. He's the last man standing from when the patch of land under this strip-mall was Goofy Golf, a miniature golf course where this erzatz T-Rex ruled the roost in his grand productive days.

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