Friday, August 16, 2013

Jacksonville Cruises

I have yet to ride on any of these good ships, but I'm quite curious about the river-cruise vessels I've noticed while making my morning rounds on the boardwalk. Most appealing to me is the Jacksonville Water Taxi service, which will take you up, down and across the puddle on its six boats from 11am to 9pm, for a six dollar bill. I don't actually need to go anywhere by way of the river, of course, I just like being on a boat.

The two other options are both evidently owned by the same people - the Annabelle Lee and the Lady St. James dinner boats are both run out of the same website and offer identical lunch and dinner menus. For $45 you get a cruise, dinner, and dancing. And of course, a cash bar.

When I see the Annabelle Lee, though, I can't help but think of the creepy Edgar Allan Poe poem about a man whose one true love was murdered by seraphim (who dispatched a killer cloud to take her life) and sent to a "tomb by the sea" where the protagonist goes each night and lays by her side. (Did Count Carl Von Cosel read it?)

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