Sunday, August 18, 2013

Anna Maria Oyster Bar

Another one of the little ironies of life in the Sunshine State: one of Anna Maria Island's best seafood-oyster joints on isn't actually on Anna Maria Island.

The Anna Maria Oyster Bar is many miles inland, in a strip mall on Cortez Road in Bradenton. (They also have another Bradenton location, plus one in Ellenton, plus a side-project called Halfway - as in, halfway between Bradenton and Sarasota - which looks pretty intriguing to me as its logo depicts a cigar-smoking dolphin, but I digress.)

The monicker comes from the fact that they used to be on Anna Maria Island's City Pier, then relocated to the mainland and decided to stick with the name. Though a strip mall in Bradenton just isn't the same ambience as tranquil island living, the food here is right-on and cures what ails you. Most curative of all is their cocktail selection - my hands-down favorite of which would be the Anna Maria Sunset, pictured here. I think this was my third. What's in it? I don't know, man, rum and stuff, you know.

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