Saturday, June 29, 2013

TV at the Table?

I'm not going to name the restaurant in question - because in the interest of positivity I won't (often) use this blog to specifically "call out" places I dislike even when they really really really deserve it - but who thought it was a great idea to have a television set at every table at this Anna Maria Island eatery? I mean, aren't we bombarded with video monitors enough already without having high-frequency radioactive tentacles trying to suck out our brains while trying to enjoy a nice distraction-free meal and conversation on a gulf coast island?

I almost turned around and left when I saw that. And when the poorly-made drinks arrived in the hands of a bored and uncaring waitress, I knew I shoulda gone with my instinct.

When I eventually open my own Steampunk-Tiki bar in Florida, the Pulcova Club, rest assured, there will be NO television sets. At all. Except maybe over the urinals I'll put little TVs that play nothing but random loops of Yma Sumac and Korla Pandit.

I will probably also eventually set up some sort of organization that seeks to convince as many Florida bars and restaurants as possible to go TV-free, or least cut back on turning their customers' brains to mush with nonstop broadcast crap. All in time.

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