Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cortez Time

Strange as it may sound, many people who come to Florida for a vacation bring their fried-out stressy demeanor with them and never really relax. I often see no'th'ners in Florida expressing frustration that their sandwich, drink, bellhop, rental car, rental girlfriend, whatever, isn't right here right now. More ominous of all to me is the growing Floridian propensity for aggressive, obnoxious driving (which is a growing problem nationwide, actually, and is infecting my beloved Sunshine State via tourists.) Repeatedly I've been subjected to angry Type-A personalities laying on the horn, giving me the finger, and flashing their brights in my eyes because I was going the speed limit. The speed limits on the islands are deliberately set to be what some would call agonizingly slow - 20-35 mph - and with darn good reason. You wanna be in paradise, Jack, you follow the rules. Unless you're on some sort of mission of colossal global importance, get calm or go home.

This sign in Cortez, FL exemplifies the necessary mood you should assume when in the 27th state. Dig it.

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