Monday, June 17, 2013

Meaney's Mini Donuts

There are many things on Siesta Key that keep bringing me back time and time again - not so much the baby-powder beaches or the beautiful clean resorts - but donuts. More specifically, Meaney's Mini Donuts.

From this small innocuous hut on 201 Canal Road comes some of the most amazing donuts, miniature bite-sized (well, bite sized if you're a pig like me) wonders freshly deep-fried right before the customer's eyes. And they come in an array of dazzling flavors, like peanut butter, Bavarian cream, chocolate coconut and strawberry cheesecake.

They also serve other stuff - soft serve ice cream, hot dogs, etc. - but who can think about such mundane fare when one is standing at the gates of donut Heaven?

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