Sunday, December 28, 2014

Room 206

There have been rumblings and rumors over the years about ghosts in room 206 in the Super 8 motel, International Drive, Orlando. I'd love to investigate, but you know, that would entail actually staying in a Super 8 motel, and that just ain't gonna happen.

Supposedly the shape of a human figure can be seen imprinted on the bed as if an invisible person is laying there. Other versions of the story are less specific, and just mention the usual apparitions and 'cold spots'. There's a hotel called The Peabody, also on International Drive, said (in places like here) to have an unusually high quotient of suicides take place on the premises, and that the ghosts of the deceased wander the halls.

I have a real love-hate thing about Orlando (mostly hate) so I can certainly swallow the statistic about suicide - hitting ten toll booths in ten minutes is enough to drive anybody over the deep end. But if anything's really haunting Orlando, it's probably Walt Disney himself, royally pissed off at what a mess they've made of his original intentions for EPCOT!

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