Sunday, December 28, 2014

Marco Island

Just past Naples, you take a short drive south through the outer edges of the Everglades, and suddenly find an oasis of civilization amid the swamps - Marco Island. Though it's much-ballyhooed for its shopping experience, I don't find it to be nearly as special as the over-the-top shopping island St. Armand's Key off the coast of Sarasota. Marco's pretty much, as far as I gleaned, just another bunch of high-rise condos and pizza joints with retirees shuffling around carrying towels and pool noodles as they walk their terriers.

What I like best about the island is Caxambas Park at the very bottom, where you finally reach the end of the line unless you have a boat in tow and I didn't.

Here, you overlook the beginnings of the Ten Thousand Islands, a seemingly endless labyrinth of isles (there aren't quite ten thousand of them, but it seems that way sometimes!) where innumerable adventures of piracy and exploration took place in distant points on the track of time.

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