Sunday, July 27, 2014

Neptune Grill

It's not easy running a restaurant near the beach in Gulfport. With O'Maddy's completely ruling the scene and serving up some of the most delicious eats on the peninsula, the other places seem to be at a loss on how to compete. Sadly, some of them don't even try. Neptune Grill, like most of the other places near O'Maddy's, was nearly empty the night my party dropped in... while O'Maddy's was bustling like always.

The food was good. I had a grouper sandwich. Of course. But as you can see in the picture, it doesn't even come close to comparing to O'Maddy's in size or luscious-lookingness. In all fairness, and lest you begin to think I'm a shill for O'Maddy's, I haven't eaten there in two months - because amazing as their food and service is, there's always a long wait and I don't like to wait. Conversely, there's always a seat available at Neptune. Factor these facts by any method that suits you.

The french fries sucked. But french fries suck almost everywhere nowadays. Sad but true.

My biggest problem with the place is that the waitress was spacey-acting, unfriendly and seriously needs to read the rules on how to be a good waitress. I didn't do my usual walking out routine this time, because a friend was starving and just wanted something, anything, edible right here, right now.

But I'd actually eat here again. The food was good, for what it was. Maybe I'll get a different server next time. But appearances are everything, and I would prefer that my food be handled by people who can at least fake being happy, sane, clear-headed and sociable.

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