Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ocala Starbucks

There are many Starbucks locations in Florida near and dear to my heart, and it's just your luck, dear reader, that I'll be using this blog to occasionally sing their praises. This particular is located in old-town Ocala, and is notable on several fronts: for one, it's unusual for its bright yellow exterior that makes it unique among SBUXes I've encountered. It's also got one of the longest and largest dimly-lit loungey spaces ever, and it is a veritable joy to curl up there and make Starbucks your office. Lastly, when I was there most recently, the employees said I just missed John Travolta by less than an hour. Travolta actually lives in Ocala, and apparently hits this Starbucks in person occasionally. Next time, I'll be ready and waiting to pounce so's I can get him to autograph my DVD copy of Be Cool.

Much to the irritation of some, I've always been a very open and very vocal supporter of Starbucks. I've always enjoyed the cognitive dissonance that my pro-Starbucks position instills among the masses of knee-jerk box-dwellers out there. People always expect an old first-generation-punk radical hipster bohemian artiste such as myself to take the liberal position that all things corporate and huge are automatically bad. Starbucks has always been a useful tool for me to illustrate to others that if I like a product, I don't give a damn where it came from or who else hates it, and that I do not oppose something just because it got big and successful. Things are supposed to get big and successful.

"But they're spreading everywhere and trying to take over the world", I hear the whiners whine. Yeah, so what? So am I. I'll see you at the finish line.

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