Monday, September 2, 2013

Decorated Home in Atlantic Beach

This charmingly garish house in Atlantic Beach caught my eye, and I paused to take a picture of it, albeit with my cheapo flip-phone whose lens was fogged up with condensation.

Curious, I just tried to find it on Google Maps Street View and had some difficulty doing so. Then I realized why: the Google Maps image is from 2011, and the house had not yet been decorated in its present manner.

Then I happened to notice a phone number and a website address on the bumper of a vehicle parked in the drive.

I visited the site and sure enough, it's for an artist - Mark A. Durham - who does all sorts of wacky wild colorful Outsider Art in the very same style as the home's exterior! Says here, "Mark Durham's company, MAD Studio, produces and sells his line of framed giclee and paper prints, gift products, and original art."

And since Mr. Durham provides his address and phone number on the site publicly, I'll go ahead and make this blog post (which I had been debating on previously, since I assume not everyone wants to have their home spotlighted on some weird blog, even if Google Maps did already put it all out there.) The moral of the story is, it pays to advertise and it pays to get people's attention by any means necessary, just as Mr. Durham has done with his eye-catching home/studio.

I enjoy all of his work displayed on the site - Pink Cow, Pimp Kitty, Witherspoon the Dog, and Mad Cat - but I do believe my favorite is Owl, shown here.

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