Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bunny Yeager

Of all the pin-up queens that helped define the Mad Men era, none even come close to surpassing Miami's Bunny Yeager (pictured below). Not only was she one of the leading cheesecake photo models of the day, she also was one of its leading photographers in her own right. This was a considerable achievement in the completely male-dominated industry of the time.

In the early-mid 1950s, Bunny was, some say, the most photographed woman in Miami. After retiring from modeling, she soon met Bettie Page and became one of her principal photographers, capturing some of the most iconic Bettie images that made her famous. This would include her pictorial in Playboy magazine and a photo (with an alligator pasted in by somebody else) that still appears to this very day on a pirated postcard found in gift shops all over Florida.

After Bettie's retirement, Bunny went on to continued success in photography (her photos of Ursula Andress were used in the James Bond film Dr. No) and acting (she appeared in The Lady In Cement with Frank Sinatra and Raquel Welch.) Today she is still working at the age of 83, and still holds splashy well-attended exhibitions of her photographic works.

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