Monday, May 25, 2015

The Titusville Orb

Oh, no. If there's one thing I hate more than "paranormal orb" reports, it's.... well..... okay, no, there isn't anything I hate more.

People desperately see any roundish object in photos and videos as "orbs" and ascribe paranormal circumstances to their existence, despite that you see such things in normal photography and videography daily. Lens flares, insects, raindrops, dust, you name it, once it's been rendered blurry and round by light reflection, it's fair game for the freaks.

What makes this one so cool is that it takes place at the U.S. Space Walk Of Fame Museum in Titusville, Florida, and this has caused some - even people who work there - to speculate it could be the ghost of an astronaut. Weary, weary, yes very weary, sigh.

You can see the video here if you have three minutes of your life to spare frivolously.

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