Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I think the problem of Twitter will probably never be solved.

It should be simple, right? It's nothing but a bunch of humans hurling tiny bites of text in a neverending stream. But it seems no one can ever conclusively determine how to do it right. Even if you manage to juggle your tiny bites of text in just the perfect way to satisfy (or at least not alienate) the people who follow you, some of them will be in a bad mood and you're going to piss them off no matter what you tweet. And who ever decreed that trying to please your followers is all that noble a goal anyway?

My good friend Sak recently made the decisive step to create a separate Twitter account - Saks_Snax - for her food-related content that is voluminous enough to warrant its own space. (Strange as it may seem, there are many joyless mal-aligned cranks on Twitter who find tweeting photos of food annoying. For many of them, it seems, Twitter is a place better suited for gossiping, arguing, and posting "funny" memes. In other words, Facebook Jr.) And I have several other Twitter pals who wisely keep a separate account for their "public" work/business face while they let their hair hang down on a more personal account. Still others keep a totally private locked "secret life" kind of account to really let their freak flag fly.

Me, I've never really bent over backwards to try to please the wildly diverse group of people that make up my Twitter followers. Because it ain't possible. Hippies, farmers, Christians, Muslims, nudists, artists, tea partiers, computer geeks, luddites, I gots all kinds of acquaintances.

But it's true that I've always held myself back from using Twitter to push the very things I am known for, in the interest of not wishing to appear spammy. Some people are only interested in my books and not my paintings; some only know me from the heyday of my theatre work and nothing else. Others follow me because they're fellow cigar enthusiasts, and still others just follow me because I'm such a suave cutie-pie.

Having said all this, I think it's high time I expanded my content into a second channel, like the CNN.

So, here's what. Go to and you'll find the great lost secret entrance to the Jeffrey Scott Holland art mines. My regular account will still be regular - just shootin' the shit with buddies and yappin' about whatever pops into my cabeza - and the new account will be no-nonsense no-holds-barred not-safe-for-work dissemination of cultural artifacts. (I'll also hype other cool creators of stuff I like.)

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