Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jacksonville Owl Attacks

Owls aren't normally known to attack human beings, but at least one or several of them in Jacksonville haven't gotten that memo and are going on the rampage.

In something that sounds straight out of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, various news reports state that at least six people have been directly physically attacked by owls and numerous more terrorized in close calls over the last two weeks.

According to the First Coast News:

Eight- year-old, Sophia Forte, said she had an owl ordeal of her own 2 weeks ago.

"It flew down and hit my inside my eye and inside my hair and on my forehead," She said, as she described what she says happened to her.

Her father told us he wound up in the emergency room, but she is OK now. So far neighbors told First Coast News the bird has hurt 5 kids plus Weyer. The bird of prey has people on their toes and it has them freaked out.

"They're nervous," Frank Forte said. He told FCN his daughter was attacked. "They're going outside...the kids are going out with helmets on. Umbrellas. Even when I go take the garbage out at night. I got a cardboard box over my head."

Animals exhibiting atypical behavior seem to be on the rise. Bears are rarely aggressive enough to break into someone's home, but it happened in Florida recently and also in Canada, where a bear forced its way in through a window. And in Bieszczady, Poland, a bear killed a human for the first time in 50 years.

In North Carolina, a family dog abruptly changed personality, forced its way through a screen door, and mauled a toddler. In Montana, a police dog also inexplicably changed personality and attacked its master. Another police dog snapped in Humble, Texas recently.

In Norwich, England, two cows went insane and ran amok to such an extent they had to be shot. A third cow nearby was found dead of unexplained causes.

In Michigan, a group of schoolchildren were attacked out of nowhere by an unprecedented huge swarm of angry bees. A similar incident occurred in Texas, and at a funeral in Pakistan. Out-of-the-blue clouds of angry wasps killed a Mayor in Montreal and almost killed a policeman in Brookhaven.

A formerly calm pet cat went rogue and attacked its owner, resulting in a bizarre police standoff.

And in Cumbria, England, thousands of people are reporting pets going haywire and attacking them, leaving people whose job it is to explain such things without an explanation.

Is something, or an amalgamation of somethings, affecting animal behavior? Or are they all just simultaneously deciding it's high time to overthrow their hairless-ape overlords once and for all?

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