Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Biff and Buffy

I haven't actually eaten at Biff-Burger in Pinellas Park, and I'm not sure I plan to. It's very much a biker joint, and sometimes a pretty rowdy one. I think I'll content myself to stand outside and ogle its beautimous 1950s sign and decor, its classic car up on the roof, and its fascinating primitive art murals.

Biff-Burger is a sort of conjoined twin with another business, Buffy's Bar-B-Que, as the two share a common area in the center and people seem to come and go between the two as they please. Biff-Burger was once a mighty national chain that is now all but extinct, but I don't think Buffy was a package deal anywhere else but here. Even if I never get the oomph up to sample your wares, Biff and Buffy, I salute you nonetheless for your existence.

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