Monday, October 7, 2013

Nomonotoshimosagotagotoopaloborvado Lake

If you happen to land right about here on Google Maps, somewhere between Ruskin and Palmetto, a mysterious thing occurs: you're confronted with a body of water labeled, and I quote, "Nomonotoshimosagotagotoopaloborvado Lake." (Seriously? Nomonotoshimosagotagotoopaloborvado?? That can't be right. Let's see here, nope, nope, that's exactly what it says; Nomonotoshimosagotagotoopaloborvado.)

Curious to learn more about this cockamamey lake - honestly, where do you people get these names? - I googled it. And found, exactly.................. nothing. How on Earth is this possible in a world where even Honorificabilitudinitatibus has a Wikipedia page? Is this some sort of practical joke committed by an errant troll in Google's employ?

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