Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chart House Jacksonville

I know, I know, the Chart House is a chain, but by golly, it's a darn good chain and it's not exactly something you find in every strip mall. Jacksonville is unfortunately so hard-up for decent local restaurants, whenever I'm there I take what I can get where I can find it. (Notable exceptions are Bistro AIX where Anthony Bourdain recently made an appearance, and the European Street Cafe in San Marco.)

Each Chart House is laid out differently, and the 50's-style Googie architecture of the Jacksonville location (overlooking the riverwalk) makes me wonder if this wasn't originally built as some sort of suave Tiki Bar back in the day. This is no flip-flops and t-shirt joint, these are serious people, chief. About as swanky a place I've dined at since the grand productive Louisville days of Vincenzo's, Morton's and Jeff Ruby's.

I had the New York Strip and a mojito. Both were fine examples of their genres. I had a date that night but I can't remember what she had. I don't think she was as impressed with the glamour and the splendor and the power and the glory as I. Me, I think I deserve nice things and I think you do too, dear reader. Deserve nice things, I mean.

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