Monday, April 27, 2015

Drive-In Christian Church

There doesn't seem to be nearly as many churches here in Florida as there was back home in Kentucky (in my old stomping grounds of Richmond, it seemed every other building was either a church or a bar) but golly, the ones we do have are special.

Take, for instance, the Drive-In Christian Church in Daytona. Not "drive-thru" like a fast food place, which is how I first interpreted it, but drive-in like a drive-in theater. You park your car in a space among neatly ordered lots, just like at the movies, and tune your radio to 88.5 FM so you can listen to the sermon in the comfort of your own voiture. Plus, they serve free hot coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts. What are you waiting for?

Not everyone is familiar with their "Portate Cross" and so the church officials are often asked, "Um... why is the cross crooked on the building??" The answer is, the Portate Cross (or "Carried Cross") represents the cross that Jesus was forced to carry on his back to his own crucifixion (but someone named Simon helped.)

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