Saturday, February 14, 2015

Boston's Fish House

We were in Orlando after a hearing and we asked a judge where a good seafood restaurant is. He immediately responded without a moment's thought, "Boston's Fish House". Okay. Anyplace else? "Boston's Fish House". Right. Got it.

And he wasn't wrong. The food is indeed fantastic, and the servers carried themselves well. Try the mussels and fried whole-belly clams. Their Philly Cheesesteak is not so great - huge chewy cubed chunks of meat isn't fun to eat at all. Then again, I'm a cheesesteak snob and your mileage may vary.

The really weird thing about this place, however, is that the moment you walk in you are faced with a roped-off maze line which you must get in. And when you get through that, you have reached a counter at which you must order, and then and only then are shown a table and a waitress. That sort of system might make sense if you were some kind of place that only sold 5 or 6 items and had them in huge letters on a wall menu, but no: it's a full menu. You grab a menu when you walk in, and you have to make up your mind what you're ordering before you reach the cash register. I think it's ridiculous, but if someone knows of some advantage to doing it this Rube Goldberg way, please educate me.

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