Saturday, January 10, 2015


When I lived in the San Marco district of Jacksonville, I was walking distance to this enchanting little grillery called Mezze. Although I enjoyed coming here and was a regular purchaser of their margherita pizza (pictured below with some Green Room IPA), it only takes one bad experience to sour me on a place.

I had the misfortune of ordering their parmesan cheese fries, which was a plate of plain fries with three or four tiny melted globs of cheese amongst them, rather than evenly covering all the fries. When I explained to the waiter, and in turn the manager, that cheese fries are supposed to be fries covered in cheese, they looked at me as if they genuinely had no idea what I was talking about. No, they explained, our cheese fries are supposed to be just a plate of fries with a couple tiny pieces of cheese stuck on top of it.

Oooookayyyy then.

In an grudging half-hearted effort to placate me, they took the plate of fries and promised to put more cheese on it. When they brought it back, it was absolutely no different than before. I thanked them, paid the bill, left without eating the fries, and never returned.

But, dear friend, do not let the high standards of your humble Walkout King discourage you from visiting here and having some of that fine margherita pizza. Just avoid those fries, and don't get into a prolonged argument with them.

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