Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Beach Haus

There are numerous eat-and-drink places along the beach in Gulfport, but I just keep going to back to O'Maddy's again and again and again. So amazing is O'Maddy's, I can't even bring myself to write a blog post about it because, like Columbia's, it's just overwhelming thinking about its splendor and then I just wanna start the car and go eat there.

And then I finally tried someplace different, and it was disappointing. Serves me right. (Except this place didn't.)

Actually, it's a beautiful place, both the downstairs and the outdoor upstairs. And the beer cheese pretzel plate was so good, I will return here if only for that. But when I ordered a Pina Colada with a dark rum float (as promised on their menu) it arrived white as snow, white as Christmas, white as Pee-Wee Herman. When I politely reminded the waitress that it was supposed to have a dark Myers float on top, she took the drink back without apology and returned moments later - with only the faintest smidgen of brown on top.

The world is quickly approaching the point where I can order a pie and be brought, say, a shoe instead, and somehow I'm the dickhead for complaining about it.

The caipirinha was better. It wasn't great. But it was tolerable. Its enjoyability may have been colored somewhat by the disaster of the previous cocktail.

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